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Wedding photography

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Love in focus - your most beautiful day

Crelorio is one of the leading providers of professional wedding photography and specializes in individual weddings and creative couples. Therefore, with a unique approach and a passion for the art of telling love stories through images, Crelorio creates unforgettable memories for newlyweds.

Especially since weddings are unique moments in a couple's life, our photographers understand the importance of every single moment. With their experience and sense of emotion, Crelorio wedding photographers capture the magic and beauty of love. Whether it's a traditional white dress wedding or a creative, customized celebration, Crelorio captures the essence of every couple and every event.

Crelorio focuses on authenticity and naturalness. The photographers are discreet, allowing the day's events to unfold organically while capturing every important detail. From the joyful tears of family to the warm hugs of friends, Crelorio captures the emotions and moments that make weddings so special.

As wedding photography specialists, we understand the unique challenges and time constraints of such events, which is why a rough plan is essential. In each case, Crelorio works professionally, efficiently, yet compassionately to make the day run smoothly and ensure a stress-free experience for the couple.


accompanied by creative photographers

Creative couples are particularly valued by Crelorio because they like to bring new ideas and unusual perspectives to wedding photography. Whether it's unconventional locations, extraordinary outfits or unusual productions - Crelorio is there to help couples tell their unique love story in their own way.

Thanks to their expertise and experience, Crelorio has established itself as a trusted choice for wedding photography. Her extensive portfolio shows the variety and quality of her work, which is praised by enthusiastic customers. Each picture tells a story and radiates the couple's love and joy.

With Crelorio at their side, couples can be sure that their wedding is in the best hands. The photographers work with dedication and passion to capture the most beautiful moments for eternity. Crelorio wedding photography is therefore a choice that one will love forever.


It doesn't always have to be traditional

Just married...

Wedding shoot

2.690 €2.490.-
plus 20% VAT.
1 photographer
up to 8 hours of shooting time
1 hour engagement session
Creative Couple Shooting
Memory book
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Each project must be calculated individually...
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