We are looking for creative people! Top manager! Specialists! Lawyers! Engineers! Software developer!


We are looking for

creative people! Top manager! Specialists! Lawyers! Engineers! Software developer!


At Netwörks Recruiting we do not use recruiting robots because every person is unique and cannot be selected by a machine.


If you can share your heart, your soul will grow.

Synergies arise when employees learn to identify with a company or a group of people. This is the only way both sides can benefit from each other.


Apply in less than 5 minutes!
You don't have to fill out any complex forms to apply. Simply send us your documents by email to:



Jobs with quality

In today's highly competitive workplace, it is critical for companies to attract the best talent to their teams. In order to master the challenges of the modern recruitment process, more and more companies are relying on professional networking and recruiting by specialists headhunters. Netwörks Recruiting is a leading player in this industry and specializes in placing outstanding professionals in various fields.

For engineers, top managers, lawyers, software developers and creative people, Netwörks Recruiting is a reliable partner looking for new professional challenges. The company's headhunters have an extensive network and a deep understanding of the requirements and trends in the respective industries. This enables us to specifically search for suitable career opportunities that exactly match the individual skills and interests of the candidates.


Special focus

The Netwörks Recruiting team maintains contact with leading companies and organizations in the target industries. This means we are always informed about current job offers and developments and can advise your candidates about the best opportunities on the job market. Our headhunters support their customers throughout the entire application process and prepare them optimally for interviews and assessment centers.

A particular focus of Netwörks Recruiting is on finding leaders for top management positions. Identifying and recruiting executives who can lead the company to success is one of the strengths of our experienced headhunters.

Whether it's looking for technical experts, creative minds or legal talent - Netwörks Recruiting always aims to find the perfect match between candidate and company. This not only leads to successful placements, but also to long-term and successful professional partnerships.

For companies and candidates alike, Netwörks Recruiting is the first choice when it comes to effective recruiting and filling challenging positions. Thanks to the dedicated team of headhunters, both companies and professionals can trust that their goals and wishes will be optimally implemented in order to shape a successful professional future.


Interpersonal relationships


At NetwÖrks we believe that every person has a goal that they are destined to achieve.

One of our tasks is to bring together people and companies that are a perfect fit.
Let us help you find your destiny.


We at Netwörks are headhunters and work internationally!

During our life and career path in a wide variety of industries, we were able to get to know impressive personalities with whom we still work today.

For us, it goes without saying that we keep our global network alive and only accept the best into our circles.


The perfect match

Since all positions and people are unique, you will not find any job offers on our website. We make individual job offers to each applicant, just as we suggest the perfect team member to each employer.
In addition, in our company departments it is usually not desirable for vacancies to be officially advertised on other platforms.

We know our customers personally or were once part of the company ourselves. Of course, we always take the time to get to know all the managers and teams in the company. This guarantees that we find the perfect partner.

Of course, things are no different on the employee side. We carefully examine the applicant and then try to find the perfect position.


Process for applicants

Please upload your CV to us

Be sure to include a phone number in your resume so we can contact you.

We get to know each other better online.

We will meet for an outdoor activity or at a location of your choice where we can get to know each other in person. Our interviews take place in everyday clothing and not in the office. We want to get to know our counterpart and understand them better and not carry out a standard application wearing a suit.

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